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What is "Shivalinga"? Don't be confuse about shivalinga

People of other religions tell their young children that Hindu people worship Linga. Not everybody has knowledge of Sanskrit. Let's know its meaning and avoid confusion.

What is "Shivalinga"? Don't be confuse about shivalinga
The meaning of gender is symbol, symbol in Sanskrit. Shivalinga means the symbol of Shiva.
Male gender means symbol of a man. Similarly, feminine means symbol of a woman and impotent gender means symbol of impotence.

What is "Shivalinga"?

Being a symbol of zero, sky, eternal, cosmos and formless God, it has been called gender. Skandapuraan said that the sky is the gender itself. Shivalinga is the axis of the Earth spaced and the entire universe (because the universe is moving) is the axis / axis itself.
The meaning of Shiva Linga is also eternal, which means that there is no end or beginning.

Shivalinga does not mean sex or vagina. In fact, this misunderstanding is derived from the conversion of the language and the confusing people by destroying our ancient religious texts and interpretation by the British.

Well, as we all know, there are different meanings in different languages ​​of the same word.

If we take only one word "sutra" in Hindi then .......

The formula can be a comment or a comment or a writing or a mathematical formula.

Similarly, the meaning of the word "artha" can also be: wealth and meanings (meaning) too.

In exactly the same way, in the context of Shivalinga, the word gender is a symbol, sign, attribute, behavior or symbol. The earth is its back or base and all born from the eternal zodiac, due to its rhythm, it is called gender and has been addressed by many other names such as: lighthouse / penis, fire column / penis, energy column / gender, Cosmic column / gender

There are two things in the universe: energy and substance. Our body is made of matter and soul is energy. Similarly Shiva is said to be a symbol of Shiva and Shakti energy.

All the concrete and energy present in the universe are contained in Shivalinga. In fact Shivalinga is the shape of our universe. (The universe is a sign of Shiva Lingam.)

Shivalinga is the eternal form of God Shiva and Goddess Shakti (Parvati), and the symbol of equality of man and nature, that is, not only the man of this world but also the dominance of nature (female) but both are similar.

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