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Science and Astrology

Science and Astrology

Science and Astrology

I have been studying astrology for the past seventeen years. A science full of science students was a biology student, on the one hand, the science of science at home and science and astrology in the circle and friends.

Meanwhile, a small book of history was read. The author was EH Car and the name of the book was historicism. Before the release of this book, such a word was not in the dictionary of historians.

The car used the word for the first time and explained its meaning. What I have understood is that every subject cannot be tested on the criterion of science. That is, it is not necessary to prove the science to prove everything right.

How can it be that a topic becomes the investigator of all subjects? That is also a subject that is still subtly incomplete. Heisenberg says that the situation and momentum of a particular substance can not be known together, Darwin says we are probably the children of monkeys. Newton said the rules of motion are eternal and Einstein proved it to be a lie.

The universe originated from the Big Bang, or it was from the very beginning, what happens at a high speed from the light, what is the black hole, why there is no three-three free carbon in the outer structure of diamond, and if it is then how is it inactive it happens.

There are hundreds of questions which are unanswered. Yet the science imposed by the West is placed on the head and the wisdom acquired by our sages is degraded. In my understanding, this is nothing more than the mentality of slavery.

I am the fan of Baba Ramdev, who personally teaches yoga. The reason for this is not that they take the fees to sit in their yoga classes, but in spite of this, they have activated people with innate yoga and general pranayama. Today the situation is that when a doctor is told that Baba Ramdev has addressed this problem in a yoga course, then the doctor runs to kill.

The effect of western education is that the therapist is not prepared to believe that anyone can recover from breathing. Even if the British refused to breathe with breathing, the Indians refused. Now the foreigners do yoga and Indians in the photographs of the paper are seen in the magazine.

Relationship between science and astrology

Come back to the subject, look at the context of history, there can not be any fact of history on the basis of experiment, observation and outcome. The world like this is not ten years ago, and it was not as hundred years ago as it was ten years ago. So how will it be used, what will be observed on, and what test will be examined for the coming results.

I believe that there is something similar with astrology. The formation of events on the basis of its statistical data has been created by observing the sequence of events with the repetition of the positions of planets and amounts in the east. Yogis were established with the constant efforts of the years, decades or centuries, and in today's context, these utensils are used to peep in the future.

Now it is neither the mathematical power nor the imagination of the landmarks that are showing the way the landmarks are coming from behind. In this way, the subconscious of astrologer has to get down. As do the supercomputers of the meteorological department. Attempts to explain events occurring in the coming days, according to the geological activities undertaken so far.

Simultaneously, it is also a different challenge to understand the changes faster and mold them in today's perspective. Fifty years ago, the astrologer could say that a similar incident has happened, you will get information within a week, while mobile and internet have made the flow of information so powerful that the difference between the incident and the information is just different is. Now see what the difference there is.

The biggest difference was the rise of the influence of Mercury. The second difference is the effect of the rays coming on the person during the use of mobile and internet. Take it as Mercury Rahu or in the form of Saturn Moon, this decision is yet to be made. In such a case, if astrologer almost makes the right difference, then thanks to him and his subconscious.

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