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what is mudra? these mudra can better life to you.

The mudra is sum type of finger in hand,Our body is made up of five elements. In these Panchatattvans, there is a generation of diseases, by increasing imbalance and decrease. With the help of fingers, these panchpatits can be used by different currencies to prevent health and disease prevention. Some currencies have immediate effect. Like - zero money, sex currency, aditya currency and apan air currency. Some currencies reveal their lasting effect after a long time practice. By doing these walking, getting up and sitting for 45 minutes will have full advantage. There is no time limit for knowledge, prana, earth, apan, meditation, seamless conch and conch pose. Doing more will be more profit. Currencies should be done with both hands. There is also the advantage of having one hand pose, such as - Knowledge currency The currency that is used by the left hand has an effect on the organs on the right side of the body and with the right hand, the body on the left is affected. The pressure should be light and comfortable while touching fingers in the currency. Instead of keeping the rest of the fingers in hand, keep it intuitively.
what is mudra? these mudra can better life to you.

Five element in five finer

Thumb-fire, index finger- air, mid-sky, ring finger- earth, junior- water

1. Book Mudra- Tie your fist. Thumb index forearms stay on the part.

Benefits - Increased concentration of the brain by being functioning in the microscope. Higher education in less time. Any book (religious or difficult) is quickly understood.

2. Knowledge Mudra- Thumb, fold the forefinger of the forefinger. The remaining fingers straight

Benefits - low concentration, negative thoughts Headache, insomnia, anger and all brain diseases- dementia, mania, insanity, irritability, instability, uncertainty, idleness, anxiety, apathy or depression, distraction and fear. Remembrance Strength, Acquisition of Divine Vision Make pran money later on for good results.

3. Prana mudra - Combine the forearms of junior, ring finger and finger.

Benefits: The awakening of prana energy, the development of health and energy in the body, the development of eye-astrologer, disease resistant power, vitamin supplementation, lack of hunger-thirst and fatigue during fasting period.

4. Prithvi mudra- Anamika, join the forefinger of thumb.

Benefits - Physical impairment, digestive power fix Development of biological power and satvik qualities Vitamin Fulfillment The growth of kanyati and brightness in the body. Increasing weight and collaborating in spiritual progress

5. Air Mudra - Put the index finger at the root of the thumb and press the thumb lightly.

Benefits - Beneficial in old goosebumps, polio, sloping of mouth etc. Only be healthy. Together with the pran mudra more beneficial.

6. Apana Mudra - Mix the forearm of ring finger, middle finger and thumb.

Benefits - Outside the extrinsic element of the body. Constipation, hemorrhoids, diabetes, renal failure. Sweat brings. Due to low blood pressure, navel shrinkage and cure of uterine defects. The nutritive value of the body to reach the higher position of yoga - the realization of the subtle clean position Along with the pran mudra, the mouth, nose, eyes and ear disorders are also removed.

7. Zero Mudra - Keep the middle fingers at the root of the thumb and keep them thinner.

Benefits - Due to ear flushing and ear pain, keep the minimum duration for long period of duration in deafness. Only be healthy. It is not affected if the deaf face is dumb since birth. The weakness of the bones and heart disease is strong, the gums are strong in the grip. Benefits in Throat Disease and Thyroid Disease

8. Sky Mudra - Apply the middle finger with the thumb of the thumb.

Benefits- The ear diseases which are not cured of zero pts, they are cured by this mudra. Bone weakness and cardiovascular benefits

9. The intuitive conch mudra - trap the fingers of both hands and press the palms and keep the two thumbs together.

Benefits - Stuttering, tingling, and sound are delicious. The digestive system is fine. There is also good effect on internal and external health.

Help in celibacy rearing. Special advantages on doing in Vajrasana

10. Conical Mudra - Close the left hand thumb in the hand of both hands.

Benefits - Impacts on throat and thyroid gland Sound melodious, improve digestion. All defects, speech, and lower abdominal disorders are removed. It is also used in currency worship.

11. Resorption - Apply Juniora in the root of the thumb and press with the thumb.

Benefits: All diseases, swelling, ascites, etc., due to excess of water content, have special benefits. Do the same till the disease is solved.

12. Sun mudra - Put the ring finger on the thumb of the thumb and press with the thumb.

Benefits- Reduced obesity helps in body-balanced, digestive action. Due to the development of power, lack of laziness, cholesterol reduction, stress reduction, there is benefit in diabetes, liver defects. It is good to sit in Padmasana.

13. Anus Air Mudra - Press the index finger in the thumb root and lightly press the thumb with the thumb and add the head of the ring finger, middle finger and the thumb.

Benefits - It removes heart and air diseases. The development of health in the body, rest after resting on the heart when a heart attack. Abdominal gas removal Benefits in headache, abdominal pain, waist pains, cytica, arthritis, asthma, high blood pressure, acidity. Body temperature balance Do asthma patients take five to seven minutes before climbing the stairs.

14. Varuna Mudra - Lower the junior finger to the thumb.

Benefits: Decreasing stamina, shine bright and soft, skin disease, blood disorders, acne and water deficiency diseases are far away. Benefits in diarrhea Stretch pain in the body is cured.

15. Aditya Mudra - Put the thumb on the root of the ring finger. Lightly press Keep the remaining fingers straight.

Benefits - Benefits in sneezing, Ubasi.

16. Linga Mudra- Keep the fingers of both hands tied and the left hand thumb stand. Wrap the left-hand thumb with the right hand thumb.

Benefits - Increases heat. Benefits in cold, cold, asthma, cough, sinus, paralysis, low blood pressure. Runny nose stop Closed nose opens

17. Meditation Mudra - Place the palm of right hand on the palm of the left hand. Waist straight, keep eyes closed.

Benefits - increase oz and concentration. Helpful to reach the higher position of meditation Gana Mudra and meditation pose together both get combined benefits.

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