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Lord krishna's birth story

Lord krishna's birth story

Lord krishna's birth story

Bhadrapad Krishna Ashtami date was born in Andheri midnight in Rohini Nakshatra, in the jail of Mathura, Lord Krishna was born from the womb of Vasudev's wife Devaki. This date reminds of that auspicious time and is celebrated with great fanfare across the country.  In the Dwapar era, Bhojwanshi king Ugrasen ruled in Mathura. His fierce son Kans lifted him from the throne and himself became the king of Mathura. A sister of Kansa was Devaki, who was married to the Yaduvanshi Sardar Vasudeva.

One time Brahma was going to deliver his in-laws to her sister Devaki.

On the way there was ahashwani - 'O Baan, the God whom you are taking with great love, your time resides in it. The eighth child born from this womb will kill you. ' Upon hearing this, arose to kill Kans Vasudev.

Then Devaki politely said to her - 'I will bring the child who is born to my womb, I will bring it to you. What is the benefit of killing brother-in-law? '

Kanas accepted Devaki and returned to Mathura. He put Vasudev and Devaki in jail.

Vasudev-Devaki had seven children by one by one, and seven were killed by Kams when they were born. Now the eighth child was going to be. In the prison they were seized with stern guards. At the same time, Nand's wife Yashoda was also going to be a child.

He created a way to protect the eighth child watching Vasudev-Devaki's unhappy life. When Vasudev-Devaki was born, at the same time, a girl was born from Yashoda's womb, which was nothing but 'Maya'.

In the closet, Devaki-Vasudev was imprisoned, suddenly there was light in him and the quadrangular God appeared in front of him with a conch shell, chakra, gada, Padma. Both fell into the feet of God. Then God said to him - 'Now I take the form of a newborn again.

You should send me at the time of your friend Nandji's house in Vrindavan and bring the daughter born here to her and give it to Kansa. At this time the environment is not friendly. Even then you do not worry. The watchmen will go to sleep, the gates of the jail will open automatically and the unfailing Yamuna will give you a way to cross. '

At the same time Vasudev came out of the jail after keeping a baby-girl Krishna in a soup and passed through the Yamuna and went to Nandji's house. There he brought a newborn baby with Yashoda and came to Mathura about the girl. The doors of the prison stopped undoing.

Now Kans received information that Vasudev-Devaki was born to a child.
He went to the jail and took away the newborn girl from Devaki's hands and wanted to slay her on the earth, but the girl flew into the sky and said from there- 'O fool, what will happen if I kill you? Your killer has reached Vrindavan. He will soon punish you for your sins. ' This is the story of Krishna birth.

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