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Prayer(Prarthana) - This word is composed of 'Pra' and 'Artha', which means interfering with complete devotion. In other words, prayer means that a request from God with a strong desire for something

Prayer contains respect, love, application, and belief. Through prayer, the devotee accepts his inability and accepts God as a doer. By accepting God as the God in prayer, it means that our intercession accepts that God is helping us and fulfilling the task. Prayer is an important means of spiritual practice to move on the path of spiritual (devotion) of devotion.

Different types of prayers are the best known 'petition', when we ask for something, the first question is, 'Who are we asking?' 'High power' I have already mentioned, of course, often called 'God' is the thing that we all know about God? With God, to what extent is the spiritual awareness of every person conscious of any deep and meaningful relationship with the Divine as a  Trinity, in the form of the great soul of the universe, or in any other form? These questions increase the concept of spiritual maturity, how do we become spiritually mature spiritually? In a way through regular and disciplined prayer


Meaning of meditation: Meditation does not mean concentration. The concentration is like the spotlight of the torch that focuses only on one place, but meditation is like a bulb which spreads light in all four directions. Generally, the attention of ordinary people can be very low, but the attention of the yogis is like the sun's light, in which the root has everything in the universe.

The verb is not meditating: many people forget to understand the actions of meditation - such as Sudarshan Kriya, Bhavtat Dhyan Kriya, and Sahaj Yoga meditation. Second things, the method is also being misunderstood to understand meditation.

Many saints, gurus or Mahatma meditate like the kind of revolutionary methods, but they do not tell that there is a difference in law and meditation. There is a difference in action and meditation. The verb is the instrument is not achievable. The verb is the tool. The action is like a broom.

There is no meditation even sitting close to the eye. It is also not worth remembering any idol. Do not even care about the garland. It is often said that meditate on God for a few times - it isn't also a meditation, a remembrance. Meditation is liberation from actions. Freedom from ideas

The nature of meditation: There are innumerable imaginations and thoughts in our mind. It keeps the mood in mind and brain. We do not want it, but it keeps going. You are constantly trying to weaken and weaken yourself. Meditation is to remove unwanted imagination and ideas from the mind and go into pure and pure silence.

Meditation As the person begins to be situated in the witnessing place, the person is deep. Anybody thoughts, imaginations, and thoughts are not affected at all. The combination of soul and mind is the primary form of meditation. Living in thoughts, imagination and happiness and misery of the past is against meditation.
In mind, with the mind, mind, and intellect, mind and intellect become absorbed in their nature. Those who don't perceive witness or vision, they must at the start ignore the follow of meditation. If the exercise is closed or open when the exercise increases, the seeker remains connected with his nature, and eventually he can remain in the state of meditation while working in a witnessing state.

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