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universe and time explained by hinduism

Carl Sagan, the famous Universitat of Europe
In your book "COSMOS" it is written that-

universe and time explained by hinduism

"Hinduism is the only religion in the world,
Dedicated to the belief that in this universe
Running a continuous process of creation and rhythm
And this is the religion which is the nicest of time
From the great tenth measure, from normal day and night to 8 billion 64 million years of Brahma day and night
Which is coincidentally near modern astronomical measurements. "

You will remember this story wherein Shri Krishna
After eating the clay, Mother Yasoda is open to the mouth, then in the sky, directions, mountains, islands, and seas
Including the whole earth, the air that flows, the electricity, the fire,
The entire Jyotirman Mandal with the Moon and the Stars,
The God of water, fast, wind, wind, egoistic ego, mind-sense, Panchctanamatra, and all three qualities are Krishna's
Appears in the mouth. Where this happened it still has that place
In the name of the universe, Brahman is situated in pilgrimage form.

Its direct meaning is that the universe
Today, scientists are searching for thousands of years
Former Hindus knew

Sanatan Dharma has always been saying that the particle is God in the particles and today scientists are searching for the same God particle in the world's largest laboratory in Switzerland.

👉Now listen to how to describe the casual holocaust.

'' Toto Dinkararapattai Saptabarmanujadhiya
Pyaaye Salilan Sarva bareshusa Siritsu Ch .. '' - Mahabharat (One
Gala 188-67)

It means that "one thousand 1"
Kaliyuga coming to the end of Chatyugi
In the end, seven sun rises together
And then the heat gets so big
That all the water of the earth is dry.
One of our calculations
The value of Kalpa is 4 billion 32 million years.

See what the science says today "Nobel Prize
Chandrasekhar's Chandesh Shekhar Siddan
According to if the mass of a star is 1.4 from the Sun
If not more, then at the beginning up to several billion years
Staying condensed in his hydrogen, helium,
Fire will continue to generate energy. Hydrogen
At the end of the star, the star flowered with huge red monsters (red
Giant) will become. Then, by remaining in the state of red demon for nearly ten million years, the star eliminates its remaining nuclear energy and in the end, there is a body of very dense mass in the form of kernels.

Which is called white wavy (white dwarf). White
Vaman's single light load loads more than one tonne
it happens. Then it is gradually replaced by Krishna Waman (Black Hole)

About 5 billion years our Sun is also red demon
Mercury and Venus will go into the grip of its massive thermal disruption. High temperatures rise
From the earth, the world of life will disappear and everything
Water will become ashes.

It was difficult to imagine this in the Mahabharata era, but our ancestors proved this foreskin.
Originally considered to be written in the Sun-theological texts, it has also been destroyed, but on the basis of that text, the calculators computing the astrology
Again, the book was written by the Sun Theory
Kind regards are

Accredited Citizens Survey Mediate Graduate:
Without Tappad Mandokchanmeshadou da Tamita: ..

This medal means the end of 'Kartayuga' (Satyuga)
In the middle of all the planets except Manchoch
'Aries' mentha

This means that the beginning of Treta
The seven planets were in a straight line. Basically in a chatroom
A total of 10 Kalyugs are of equal time, in which the value of Satyuga is 4 Kalyug, the value of Tretayuga 3 Kalyug, Dwaparuga is considered as the Kalayug and Kalyug is a Kalyug.
Current Kaliyug, 36 years after the Mahabharata war
Started, (from 22 March 2012 evening to 7 a.m. 10 minutes) 5121 kali is present.

4 lakh 32 thousand years of era (5120 will be delayed 5121)

Two times of Kalyug (time of the time of Kalyug's age) i.e.
8 lakh 64 thousand Dwaparuga was.

Treta era (3 similar to Kaliyug era) i.e. 12 lakh 96 thousand

Satya Yuga (4 Kalyug Ki Varava) i.e. 17 million 28 thousand

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