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Best five tips for healths

Healths Tips

Best five tips for healths

Best five tips for healths,
God is residing in a healthy body. If a person is not healthy, then in such a way he can not enjoy the pleasure of such a loving human body. Of course if you are a millionaire or a billionaire, now if the person is not healthy then what can he enjoy? That is why in the scriptures also the special significance of health is mentioned. Now if you believe in Vastu Shastra, then by doing these simple measures of Vaastu, you can keep yourself away from many diseases.
Let's know about 5 measures of healthy living-

1. Bedroom Shoud good

The bedroom is a place in the house where the person relaxes and wants to spend most of his time. Many times we feel that we do not sleep well in our bedroom or our sleep is not being fulfilled even after rising in the morning. So its meaning is clear that the negative energy is getting bigger in the bedroom, which can make you sick soon, so the bedroom should never be completely closed. morning's
To get fresh air, there should be a suitable window in the room. False utensils should not be kept in the bedroom for too long. As well as more importantly, if you are putting a picture in the bedroom then do not use negative photographs at all.

2. Head north and foot should not fall while sleeping in the south

If you do not sleep while sleeping at night, then you are making yourself sick. According to Vastu, a good sleep keeps the person away from a lot of diseases. While sleeping at night, note that your head and foot should not stay in the south while sleeping. In such a way, the diseases of headache and insomnia, due to sleep, start to trouble the person.

3. Do not use TV, while eating
A person should not watch television while eating. By doing so, one keeps the attention of the person in the place of food, the TV side, and according to Vaastu, negative energy comes out of the television, which adversely affects our mind and mind.

4. Do not have toilets and kitchens nearby

Most of the diseases of the person come from the kitchen itself. When buying or taking a home, it should be noted that the toilets and kitchens in the house are not nearby. This is happening in Vastu, the disease has been told as an invitation.

5. There are basil plants and sun painting in the house

According to Vaastu, Tulsi plant is an absolute medicine in itself. If there is any plant of Tulsi ji in the house, then this small remedy removes many small or seasonal diseases from the person. Also, sun painting or crystal also removes negative energy from the person.

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