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Fourteen vedic science. vedas explain Scientific logic

Fourteen vedic science, vedas explain  Scientific logic

Fourteen vedic science(vedas) explain Scientific logic

Why not get married in the same tribe

In a program related to the Discovery Channel disorders, a scientist said that there is no single genetic disease, its only treatment is 'Separation of jeans'. That is, we should not get married in our closest relatives because there is not a jeans sapreet (split) in close relatives, and there is a hundred percent chance of having linked genes linked diseases such as Haemophilia, color blindness and albanism. The topic of pleasant surprise is that how was written about 'jeans' and 'DNA' thousands of years ago in Sanatan Hinduism? There are seven tribes in the Hindu tradition. People of one tribe can not get married, so that the jeans are separated (divided). The scientist said that today the whole world will have to believe that Sanatan Hinduism is the only religion in the world which is based on science.

Tradition of ear piercing

In hindu religion, there is a tradition of knocking ears in almost all religions.

Scientific argument: Philosopher believes that the power to think increases, whereas doctors believe that the speech is good, and the blood circulation of the vein going from the ears to the brain is controlled.

Kumkum / Tilak on the forehead

Women and men put Kumkum or Tilak on the forehead.

Scientific reasons: In the middle of the eye, one goes to the forehead. With the addition of Kumkum or Tilak, energy of that place remains. When pressing on the forehead, when there is pressure from the thumb or finger, the facial circulating muscle of the skin of the skin becomes active. It reaches the blood well to the facial cells (shells).

Eating on the ground

According to Indian culture, eating on the ground is a good thing.

Scientific Fact: Sitting is a type of yoga posture. The brain remains calm by sitting in this condition and if the brain is calm while eating, the digestive system is good. As soon as sitting in this state, a sign from the brain reaches the stomach that it is ready for food.

Join hands with greetings

When you meet someone in our society, then join hands and do Namaskar.

Scientific logic: When the tops of all fingers come in contact with each other and they are under pressure, due to acupressure, its direct effect is on our eyes, ears and mind, so that we keep the person in front of us for a long time. Able to The second argument is that instead of hand joining (western civilization), if you greet, then the front body's germ can not reach you.

Meal starts with sharpness and breaks sweet

Whenever there is a religious or family ritual, the meal starts with sharp and end sweet.

Scientific logic: By eating pungent digestion and acid becomes active within our stomach. This causes the digestive system to function properly. By eating sweet, eventually the intensity of acid decreases. It does not cause irritation in the stomach.

Worship of peepal(tree)

Most people think that the worship of Peepal runs away from the ghosts.

Scientific reason: It is worshiped so that the faith in this tree is increased in people and not cut it, it does not bite. Peepal is the only tree that carries oxygen even at night.

Head to the north

If someone sleeps on the north side then people say that bad dreams will come, ghosts will come in the form of ghosts etc.

Scientific Fact: When we sleep on the north side and sleep, our body comes straight to the magnetic waves of the Earth. Iron is present in the body, i.e. iron is driven towards the brain. This increases the risk of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's or Brain disorders and blood pressure increases.

Sun Arghya (Namaskar)

In Hindu belief, there is a tradition of saluting the Sun with water in the morning.

Scientific logic: When the sun rays coming from the middle of the water reaches the eyes then our eyesight is good.

Peak on the head

In Hinduism, there is a tradition of placing peak on top of the head.

Scientific logic: On the place where chit is kept, all the nerves of the brain are found. It keeps the mind stable and man does not get angry. The ability to think increases.


If there is any worship or festivals, people keep fast.

Scientific argument: By keeping fast, digestion is good and taking fruit gives decay of the body, ie the bad elements get out of it. According to researchers, fasting decreases the risk of cancer. The person also does not look forward to heart disease, diabetes etc.

Touch feet

According to Hindu belief, when you meet somebody, touch his feet. We also teach children to respect the elders.

Scientific logic: Energy coming out of the brain completes one cycle through hands and front legs. It is called the flow of cosmic energy. It has two types of energy flowing either through the feet of the elder or by the hands of the small to the feet of the elders.

Why use the vermillion married woman?

Married Hindu women apply vermilion.

Scientific logic: vermilion is turmeric, lime and mercury. This mixture controls the body's blood pressure. Since sexual stimuli also increases, it is forbidden to apply vermilion to widowed women. Stress is less than this.

Worship of basil plants

By worshiping basil, there is prosperity in the house. Happiness and peace prevail.

Scientific argument:
 Tulsi strengthens the immune system. If there is a basil plant in the house then the leaves will also be used, which will remove the diseases.

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