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Ten main beliefs of sanatan dharma

Ten main beliefs of sanatan dharma

Main beliefs of Sanatan Dharma
Let us know 10 main and main beliefs of Hindu Sanatan Dharma.

  • In the Vedas, God has been described as formless and in the Puranas, the color of his shape has been interpreted. Sanatan Dharma emphasizes the existence of God in reality and formless form. You worship any god. Pooja Parabrahma is of God only.

  • The soul is said to be immortal, neither does he die nor dies

  • The soul either goes to the other vagina or attains moksha. It all depends on the actions it has done.

  • There is no fear of worshiping God, but to thank Him.

  • When sin is at the peak then God will wear its embodiment. For them the avatar will destroy the unrighteousness.

  • Virtue is in the service of others and it is sin to torture others.

  • If you serve a living creature then it is like the service of God.

Greed, greed, anger, worldly attachment, and living a life of Maya is the only religion.
According to the Hindu Upanishads, the greatest power is God, that is what you call Shiva, Vishnu says or power.

Five sects of Sanatan Dharma
In ancient times, Hindu sacramental religion was run on five sect. It was built on the foundation and worship of the five great Hindu Goddesses.

Believers of Lord Ganesha - Ganpati community
Devotees of Shiv Shankar - Shaiva Samradaya
Devotees of Lord Vishnu - Vaishnava sect
Sun worshipers - Solar community
Worshipers of Mother Shakti - Shakt sect
Over time, these sects started becoming one thing. They began to believe that you will worship any Goddess god, worship your Adorable Par Brahm. In time, only two Sampradaya has been there; it is Shaiva and Vaishnava.

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