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These are 11 amazing benefits for keeping a conch and play in the house.

These are 11 amazing benefits for keeping a conch and play in the house.

The practice of playing conch in worship is from the ages. In many parts of the country, people keep the conch in the puja and play it regularly. In this way, the curiosity is quite natural that the conch is useful only in worship or it has some benefit directly to it !!

There are many such things of Sanatan Dharma that are not only spiritual but also beneficial in many other ways. There are many benefits to keeping conch, playing and proper use of its water. Many benefits are directly related to health.

It has been further discussed that what are the advantages of playing conch and its use in worship.

1. It is believed that Lakshmi resides in the house where there is a conch. In religious texts, conch is described as Lakshmi's brother, because like the Lakshmi, the conch has also originated from the ocean. The conch is counted in the fourteen gems emanating from the ocean.

2. The conch is also considered auspicious because both Lord Laxmi and Lord Vishnu wear it in their hands.

3. Playing conch in worship is the atmosphere. As far as its voice goes, positive thoughts arise in the minds of the people. The result of good ideas is naturally better.

4. By converting Vishnu Lakshmi with the water of conch, God is pleased and receives His grace.

5. Brahmavyavarta Purana says that the water purifies the water by keeping the water in the conch and sprinkling it.

6. The voice of the conch prompts people to worship. It is believed that wishes from the worship of conch are fulfilled. The evil spirits do not bother with this.

7. Scientists believe that the conch shell of many types of bacteria-germs present in the atmosphere is destroyed by the conch shell. Many tests have found such results.

8. According to Ayurveda, using various types of diseases like stomach disorders, stones, jaundice etc. are used in the use of conch shells. However, it should be used only with expert advice.

9. The conjunctive play is a lung exercise. Puranas are mentioned that if the patient of breathing plays conch at regular intervals, then he can be free from the disease.

10. Bones are strong by consuming water stored in the conch. It is also beneficial for teeth. It is beneficial due to the properties of calcium, phosphorus and sulfur in the shell.

11. According to Vastu Shastra, there are many such qualities in the conch that there is the positive energy in the house. By the sound of the conch, 'the soaked land' awakens and gives auspicious effect.

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