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How lord ganesha born? and became first god

How lord ganesha born? and became first god

According to the texts, in ancient times, once Lord Shiva went to his tomb in the Himalayas mountains. Then the goddess Parvati was alone and thought of building a strong son in Kailash absence, in Shiva's absence. They decided and Lord Ganesha was created through the lamp of sandalwood (used to take bath) and then put life in that idol. He gave his son Ganesh a task. He told Ganesha that, stay at the door and do not allow anyone to enter inside unless my order is ordered. By saying this, Mother Parvati went to bath in her son's guard.

Soon after, Lord Shiva came back from his samadhi and he was amazed to see a new boy on Kailash because he did not know that Ganesha was his only son. When Shivaji started to enter, Ganesh stopped him from going inside. He said that the mother is not staying in and you can go inside only when they will order me. Lord Shiva made a lot of requests, but his son did not allow them.

Soon, all goddesses made similar requests to Ganesha. They told Ganesh that Lord Shiva is your father, allow them because they have the right to meet your mother. But Ganesh refused and said, "I respect my father, but what can I do?" I have been ordered by my mother to let nobody in.

By listening so much, Lord Shiva became very angry, then all the goddesses prayed to go there from them and said that let us try one more time. The followers of Shiva (Ganesha, Vishnu, Brahma, Indra, Narada, Sarpons, etc.) started teaching the child to courtesy. Indra became very angry and attacked the child with his full power though Ganesha was very powerful because he was in the form of incarnation of power. Ganesh defeated everyone.

Lord Shiva came again because it was his honor. He got angry and cut off Ganesh's head with his trident. As soon as Mother Parvati came out, she was very angry after seeing this incident. They started crying in the lap of Ganesh's head and body. He said that I want my son back at any price, otherwise I will destroy the whole world.

All goddesses were scared by the decision of Mata Parvati. He prayed to Lord Shiva to revive Shri Ganesha. Shiva said that it is impossible to reconnect this head again, but someone else's head can be attached to Ganesha's body. He sent his followers to search for the head. He said that by taking the head of any such person, who came to the north direction and sleeping in the opposite direction from his child. According to the stated conditions of Shiva, the Ganesha started searching the head all over the world.

In the end, he found an elephant sleeping in the opposite direction opposite the child. He cut the elephant's head and brought it to Kailash. Lord Shiva added that head to Ganesha's body. After which Ganesh got his life back. Mata Parvati said that her son looks like an elephant, in this case all will make fun of her, no one will respect her.

Then, Lord Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, Indra, Ganesha and other goddesses all gave blessings to Ganesha, blessings, powers, weapons and weapons. He said that no one will make fun of Ganesh. Apart from this, before giving any blessing to the worship of Shri Ganesha before starting any work, he started to be known in the room of Pooja Dev Dev. He said those who worship Ganesha first, they will be really blessed with knowledge and wealth. Mata Lakshmi said that from now on Ganesha will sit in my lap and people will worship Ganesha with me to get knowledge and money.

Lord Shiva announced that the world will be known by the name of Ganesha (Gana + ish, Lord of Ganesha). Therefore Ganesha is the God of all Gods and is worshiped before any auspicious task. Lord Ganesha is the destroyer for the monsters, the obstructionist, and the destroyer of destroyers for his devotees and deities.

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