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Nepal's six Religious Places Where You must visit

Nepal's six Religious Places Where You must visit

Travelling: Everyone loves to roam around new places. There are many places around the world which are the best places to roam. If you want to spend less money, you can go to Nepal. In Nepal, which is rich in natural beauty, you also find many tourist sites. 8 of the world's 10 highest peaks are located in Nepal alone, besides the world's highest peak Mount Everest is also located in Nepal. Let's know about some of the special tourist sites here.

1. Lumbini

This place located in kapilvastu Nepal, Gautam Buddha was born in nepal,
This place is also known for the monument of Emperor Ashoka. This place is a prominent place of Buddhism. Because this is the birthplace of Gautam Buddha. Here is the Mayadevi temple named after Goddess Mata Devi of Gautam Buddha, in which her statue is also. This is a famous place in Nepal.

2. Pashupatinath

One of the 8 main temples of Hindu people is the Shiva Temple of Pashupatinath. This temple is located on the banks of river Bagmati. It is not only a religious place but it is also known as a tourist spot. People from all over the world come here to visit. This temple is also known for its beauty and architectural art. This temple is nominated in the list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.

3. Devghat Dham

Devghat Dham situated at the confluence point of Kali Gandaki and Trishuli rivers is considered as the main tourist spot of Nepal. On Makar Sankranti, many people come here to visit here and take a bath in these holy rivers. Apart from this place you can also see the Valmiki Temple, Someshwar Kalika temple, Kabilaspur Fort etc.

4. Muktinath

Muktinath is the only head of the Vaishnava sect of Hindu religion. Shaligram is worshipped here. It is difficult to visit here because there are large and remote boundaries of the Himalayas in this area. There is a belief about this place that man comes here and finds salvation.

5. Changunarayan Temple

This temple is the oldest and ancient temple of Nepal. This temple was rebuilt in 1702 AD. This temple is built on the hills of Shivpuri. In this temple, you get to see the statue of Sheshnag in addition to Vishnu, although this statue is stone, this art is a beautiful model of art.

6. Nagarkot

It is a hill station which is 32 km away from Kathmandu nepal. This hill station is located at an altitude of about seven thousand feet. Interestingly, the sunrise of Mount Everest can also be seen along with the Himalayan peaks.

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