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Religious and scientific significance of OM

Religious and scientific significance of OM
Religious and scientific significance of OM

The word is a major part of all the major cultures (Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian) in this world in some form or another. Like in Hinduism, it has been included in all its mantras and hymns. Christians and Jews use "Amen" to express their religious desires. The Muslim brother remembers this as "Amen". Sikhism also praises "ek omkar" i.e. "an Om" and in Buddhism used as "manipadme hoon".

According to the sage Munis in Hindu religion, the meaning of Om is different from three letters. This Om word is made up of three letters- A, U, M. Each letter is boiled in different names of God in its own right. If according to Hindu religion, then the word Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh has the properties of three.

The pronunciation of itself is vibrated in different parts of the body such as 'A': - The lower part of the body (closer to the abdomen) is vibration. 'U'- The middle part of the body is vibration (close to the chest). 'M' - The upper part of the body (mastic) vibrates.

According to Hindu religion, when God published Vedas in the heart of the Rishis, in his meditative state, their definite meaning related to each word was obtained. And Rishimuni also used to chant Om word for years to get a boon. In reality each sound produces some sense in our mind.

Om is filled in the universe in the same way as the sky. The joy and peace that is experienced by uttering Om does not come from any other word accent. This is the reason that the pronunciation of the Om in the classes of Pranayama that is very popular everywhere is very important. It has a magic effect in a few days on people with very mental stress and depression. This is the reason that nowadays doctors also teach their patients asana pranayama.

There are many physical, mental, and spiritual benefits to say words. Even if you do not know the meaning then its physical benefit is only from its pronunciation. If you think that there is a sign of one religion in Om, then this is your wrong thing and it is not a good thing. There is no such thing as saying that no god or Allah should be disrespected. There is no problem with uttering it in the entire universe and it is beneficial to speak it.

A woman scientist from Boston, Connecticut, USA, researched the Om for many years, and a very interesting fact came out when the research was completed. The frequency of the pronunciation of the word's pronunciation and the rotation of the earth rotating around its own axis is exactly the same. A FM radio in the United States is pronounced by the word 'Akashwani' and the pronunciation of Gayatri Mantra is done for 15 minutes.

In English, "omni", which means infinite and ever-endless elements (such as omnipresent, omnipotent), are also made up of om. It is proved by the fact that in om, the word of humanity is not a person, religion or community but rather a complete humanity. Such as wind, water, sun, God, Vedas etc. are all made for humanity, not just for one community and caste.

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