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why lord vishnu took ram avatar?

Do you know why Lord Rama was born? According to the Puranas, Lord Shiva had told Mother Parvati about the birth of Ram, that same day we are going to tell you why Lord Rama was born. One story is that due to the curse of the Brahmans, all three Ravan, Kumbhakaran and Vibhishan become Pratapabhana, Arimardan and Dharmaruchi. Ravana has done very oppression on his subjects.

Once, the three brothers have done terrible penance. Brahma ji said happy to ask for a blessing. On this Ravana said that Lord, we give this blessing to the exiles and human beings, except for the people and killing them. Shiva Ji and Brahma ji gave Ravana Kaya over.

After this, Shiva ji and Brahma ji saw the giant Kumbhakarna and thought that if it would eat every day, then the earth would be destroyed. Then Mother Saraswati revived her intelligence and Kumbhakaran asked for 6 months sleep. Vibhishna expressed the desire of love and love for the Lord. Brahma ji has gone away after giving up
Tulsidas ji wrote that when Lord Ravan's torture on the earth increased and loss of religion, Lord Shiva says that -

Raam janam ke hetu anekaa . Param vichitr ek ten ekaa .. Jab jab hoii dharam kee haani . Baaḍhxhin asur adham abhimaanee .. Tab tab prabhu dhari vividh sareeraa. Harahin kripaanidhi sajjan peeraa ..

That is, when-when religion is eroded and people of arrogant demon nature begin to grow, then grace blessings will be the sufferings of the gentlemen by holding the divine body of Lord Vishnu. They kill the destitute and establish the deities. Protect your Vedas' dignity. This is the biggest reason for the incarnation of Shri Ram ji.

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