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Four interesting secrets about Lord Vishnu

According to Indian mythology, Lord Vishnu is called the God of the world. Two forms of Lord Vishnu have been shown in the Puranas. On one hand, they are shown very calmly, happy and gentle. But his second face is terrible, where he has been shown sitting in a comfortable posture on Shaishanag in the form of a call.

Four interesting secrets about Lord Vishnu

  • The story of Shaligram: Why did Vishnu get a curse?

In the scriptures, Lord Vishnu has written about that - "Shantakaran Bhujagashyan". It means that Lord Vishnu is resting on Shishnag with a calm feeling. Seeing this form of Lord Vishnu, the question arises in each person's mind that how can somebody sit under the snake king and remain silent? The immediate answer is that they are God and everything is possible for them. Vishnu has many other powers and secrets that can surprise you.

  • What is the secret behind resting on Lord Vishnu's Sheshnag?

Every moment of life is related to duties and responsibilities. Of these, family, social and economic duty is the most important. However, in order to fulfil these duties, every person has to make a lot of work and many problems have to be faced, which are fearful like the time of Balakshana, and this creates anxiety. The resting face of Lord Vishnu teaches us to stay rest in such difficult conditions. To solve problems can be successfully found only after being rest

  • Why is Lord Vishnu's name Narayan?

According to a legend, water is born from Lord Vishnu's feet. One name of river Ganges is also "Vishnupdodki" which means that Lord Vishnu came out of the feet, which proves this fact correct. Apart from this, water is also called "neer" or "male" and Lord Vishnu also resides in water. Hence, the word "Nar" has the name of Narayana. This means that God lives in water ..

  • What does their other name mean "Hari"?

You must have heard that Lord Vishnu is also called as "Hari". But how many of you know how to do this? We tell you. Hari means removing or stealing. It is said that "Hari Hari Papani" means that Hari God removes the problems in our lives and our sins.

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