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Who is lord Shiva ?

Who is lord Shiva ?

  • The multi-dimensional dimension of Shiva

When we say 'Shiva' it means different for different people. This is the most multidimensional explanation for any one person. Shiva is called the world's finest ascetic or self-restraint. She is the real idol of awareness. But there is also a madman. On one side they are called the idol of beauty, and on the other hand, they have a lot of scary and scary forms. Shiva is such a person who has neither parents nor any childhood nor old age. He has created his own self. He is self-propelled in himself. You have never heard of their parents, parents, their childhood and their births anywhere. Actually, he is unborn.

  • The power of the word 'Shiva'

Only 'Shiva' ... You should know the strength of this word. Do not lose your logical mind now thinking all this. 'Do I pronounce the word of Shiva, then is my religion being transformed?' These are all things about the past. This is a way to go beyond those human limitations in which the person is often trapped. With a very deep understanding of life, we have reached that sound or word, which we call 'Shiva'. If you have a good ability to absorb anything, then only an accent can explode within you very powerful way.

  • Meaning and science of 'Shiva'

The meaning of 'shi' in Shiva is basically power or energy. In the Indian lifestyle, we have always looked at female virtues as power. The funny thing is that in English too 'shi' (she) is used for the woman. But if you just chant "Shi" too much, then it will make you unbalanced. Therefore, "VA" was added to this mantra to diminish and maintain balance. "VA" VAM ", which means proficiency. An excerpt from 'Shi-va' mantra gives him energy and the other balances it or controls it. There is no benefit of directionless energy, it can be devastating. So when we say 'Shiva', we talk about taking energy in a particular way, in a particular direction.

  • The meaning of 'Shiva' - emptyness or emptiness

The word 'Shiva' has the real meaning - which is not. 'Which is not' means, which does not exist. The meaning of 'which does not exist' is the meaning - emptiness, emptiness. Galaxies are just a small space. The real essence of creation is in the absence of nothing or nothing. This is the birth of the same emptiness or nothing, only the birth of the creation is born. In this 99% of the universe, this vacuum has come, which we know as Shiva.

  • Meaning of Shiva's Third Eye

Shiva has always been described as a third eye, which has three eyes. The third eye is the eye which is visible from it. Your two eyes are the senses, it delivers all kinds of unrestrained things to the mind because what you see is not true. These two eyes can not see the truth so a third eye, the eye with a deep penetrating power will be opened. The third eye of Shiva is beyond the senses, which looks at the true self of life. Looks like life as it is. So if you have to bring clarity to your life then you have to open your third eye.

  • Father of Yoga - ADIYOGI shiva

Talking about the spiritual nature in India, everyone has the same goal - liberation. Even today, every person knows the meaning of the word salvation. Ever wondered why this is? In fact, the task of shaping spiritual growth and human consciousness in this country is most likely due to the same personality. Who knows who he is? That is Shiva. Etc. Yogi Shiva gave birth to this possibility that mankind can go beyond the boundaries of their present existence. To live in worldly life, but to live without it. Everybody has to use his body and mind, but his sufferings do not need to be done. To say means that there is another way to live. In our yogic culture, Shiva is not worshipped as God. Shiva is considered as a yogi in this culture. It was Shiva who sowed the seeds of yoga in the human mind.

  • Shiva's Night-Mahashivaratri

Mahashivaratri is seen, understood and celebrated differently by different sections of society. Those who live in families or are householders, their Mahashivratri is the day of Shiva's marriage. According to him, Mahashivaratri was the day when he had married Sati first and then Parvati. While this is the day for ascetics and seekers, on the day when they became completely peaceful and stable. He became absolutely calm and immovable, like Achaleshwar ie mountain. On this day, Shiva's monstrous friendship with Kailash and he handed over all his knowledge to this mountain.

  • How to benefit from Mahashivaratri?

So all those people who wish to get a bit more from their current situation, Shivaratri holds great importance for them. Mahashivaratri also has special significance in it too. In the Yogic tradition, the 14th day of the month i.e. Shivaratri is considered as a day of sadhana. People walking on the path of Spirituality use this day as an important opportunity. Mahashivaratri was considered that night when at least once in a year the entire population benefited from this opportunity to get its higher potential. So the yogic tradition has told the world a simple way to take advantage of this opportunity that at least 24 hours on this day keep your spinal straight in the vertical direction. So that energy can be upstream in you. It is, therefore, necessary that you keep your spinal cord or spinal straight this whole night. The horizontal condition of the spinal cord can be harmful to the body, because on this day energy naturally climbs upward. This is my wish and my blessing that on this night you can realize who you are.

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