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why lord shiva drank poison

why lord shiva drank poison

1,Name of Bholenath

BholaNath, Mahadev, Mahesh , how many names are known by Lord Shiva among their devotees are more fond of people than the name of Bholenath. Lord Shiva neither discriminates in his devotees nor he feels very happy with other gods and goddesses. That is why his devotees call him Bholanath.

2.Destruction of destruction

Lord Shiva's hand held the door of destruction of the universe is also none other than Nilkanth. The reason behind this name is their blue thumbs, which is proof that Shiva can go to any extent to save the world from evil and sin.

3.Nature of Shiva

The nature of Shiva can be understood in such a way that it is handled by the Ganga in the hair, the crown of the moon in the hair and the snake hanging in the throat, the trident in the hand and the God who is riding his dear vehicle Nandi, And are destructive for the evil forces.

4.Different formats

Different devotees of Shiva see them in different formats. On the basis of these formats, they have been given different names. Today we will tell you the secret of having their nilakantha.

5.Curse of indra

According to the Puranas, once Durvas Rishi, angry with his insult, cursed Devraj Indra that he will lose Lakshmi (money). In this way, Indra went to Lord Vishnu to seek help. Lord Vishnu told him a way to get rid of curse.

6.Churning of the Ocean

Lord Vishnu asked Indra Dev to associate with the Ashur and churn the sea, for which the asuras were given the lure of nectar.

7.Start Churning of the Ocean

With the help of the Mandar Mountain, Vasuki Nag and the turtle incarnation of Lord Vishnu himself, sea churning started, on one hand the Asur and the other in the form of the deity.

8. Beneficiaries

During this churning, 14 beneficial and valuable items from the sea came out, like Kamdhenu's cow, Kalpvraksh, Ehrawavat elephant, Apsara rambha etc.


All these things were shared equally between the gods and the odds, but whatever came out of it was neither ready to take the deity nor the Asur.

10.Light poison

When this process of churning was carried forward, there was a lethal poison called Halahal from the Kshir Sagar, where one drop of one could also make a great catastrophe.

11.Help of shiva

Neither gods nor gods were getting ready to drink this light; If one drop of it fell on the earth then it would have been a great catastrophe, in which gods and Asur together went together to seek help from Lord Shiva.

12.Poison leaves

Shivaji is very kind and protecting his devotees, regardless of matter, they have solved the poison for solving the problem of Gods and Asura and saving the universe from destruction.


Mata Parvati knew that this poison is also deadly for Mahadev too, so he held Shiva's throat with his hands and stopped that poison in his throat. Because of which Lord Shiva's throat was blue. Since this incident, Shiva was given the name of Nilkanth.


The festival of Shivratri is celebrated with great enthusiasm for the celebration of the festival of sea churning and thanks to Lord Shiva, every year, Krishna Chaturdashi of Falgun month is celebrated. It is also said that the marriage of Shiva and Parvati were completed on this day.

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