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speed of light define in vedas

Modern Science's great achievement is Danish astronomer and Olaus Roemer's speed of light. It discovered in the 16th century.
speed of light define in vedas

This significant achievement creates that new theory like time travel, multiverse, parallel universe theory, etc. and scientist also believes that there are nothings which travel faster than light.

The best importance of the speed of light is a light year.

we can measure very far distance from the earth like planets.stars galaxies, as well as whole universe and universe's radius, can be measured with light year although the universe is infinite.

According to modern science
the speed of light is about 300000 km/s

and 1 light year = 9.461e+12 km

Let's come to the points.

Its the little definition of the speed of light which you can find out more detail in Google or any science related books.

Our topics are the speed of light is already mention in Vedas.

And the speed of light is approximately measured in Vedas.

you may be got socked the oldest book Vedas has defined the speed of light
which is measure by modern science.

Yeah, it's true that its mention in Vedas.
So many scientists are studying Vedas, for searching scientific fact in Vedas.

" तरणिर्विश्वदर्शतो ज्योतिष्कृदसि सुर्य । विश्वमाभासि रोचनम् । " - ऋग्वेद १।५०।०४ (Rigveda 1/50/04)

It means that

Oh lord sun! you are the save earth, and you are only the source of light in earth
you give light for this world.

Basis with this sloka of Rigveda the Indian priest Sarayn create a mantra in the 14th century

"योजननम द्धे द्धे सते द्धे च् योजने अकेन निमिशर्धेन क्रम्मन नमस्तुते।"

It means that

The light of sun travel 2202 yojana in half nimesha

Nimesha is time measure unit in Vedas.

One nimesha =  about 0.213 sec

half (1/2) nimesha =  0.1065 sec

yojan is also distance measure unit in Vedas

One yojana = about 14.544 km.

2202 yojana = 14.544*2202 km

                     = 32025.888 km


the speed of light  = (2202 yojana)/half nimesha or distance/time

                    = 32025.888 km/0.1065 sec

                    = 300712 km/s

which is approximately value od speed of light in modern science.

what do you think about it

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Albert Einstein theory of relativity is in Bhagavad Purana.

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