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Albert Einstein theory of relativity is in Bhagavad purana

Albert Einstein theory of relativity is in Bhagavad purana

 Albert Einstein theory of relativity was written to thousands of years ago in Srimad Bhagavad Purana

We all know Einstein's theory of relativity. Einstein interpreted the theory of relativity in his theory.

He said, the concept of time on different planets varies. The relation of the time remains in the motion of the planets. Thus, time measurements on different planets vary. Time stays big and small.

For example, if one of the two twin brothers is kept on the earth and the other is sent to another house, and after a few years, the difference between the two brothers will be a different age.

And if a person walks at the speed of light, then the time will stop within that vehicle. The planets in which the motion of the planet will be slow or fast.

The difference in age will depend on the fact that the house where the child was sent to the house, distance and speed from the sun, distance from the sun and how much or less it is from the sun.

According to another example, the clock placed in a moving train runs in a similar manner to the person sitting in the same train because both trains are running at the same speed with the same speed, but the clock will be slow for the person standing outside the rail. It will be different for a few seconds. If the speed of the rail is increased, then the gap of time will increase, and if the rail is given by the speed of light (299792.458 km per second) (which is not possible), the clock will be stopped entirely for the person standing outside the rail.

Signs of its information meet in our texts.

Srimad Bhagwat Puran, the story comes that the Revavata Raja(king') daughter Revati was very long, so she did not get favourable favour. To solve this, Raja went to Brahrolok with his daughter on the yoga force. When they reached there, the Garandhagans were running there. So they stayed for a few moments

When the song was complete, Brahma saw the King and asked how come? The king said that you have created a bride for my daughter or not?

Brahma laughed loudly and said, "As long as you heard the song here, 27 chattujiyugi on earth (1 Chartuji = 4 yugas (Satya, Dwapar, Treta, Kali) = 1 Mahayuga) has passed and the end of 28th Going to do. You go there and get married to Krishna's brother Balram.
Now you will not find your relatives, your palace, and other geographical places on Earth that you have left.

He said that it was good that you brought Revati along with you. Because of this, its age has not increased. Otherwise, you can not even survive it.

Now if one clock is too late, then it will go straight to Kaliyuga (Kaliyuga after Dwapar).

It is also clear from the fact that the Brahmachal(Brahma Lok) is probably far more than our galaxy

This story tells the differences of time from the Earth to the Brahrolok at a certain speed. Modern scientists also said that if a person sits in a low-speed vehicle with the speed of light, then the process of change inside his body will often become numb.

If a ten-year person sat in such a vehicle and returned to Devyani galaxy (Andromeda Galaxy) and returned, then only 56 years would increase in his age but in that period 40 lakh years have passed since on earth.

By reading the description of the microscopic and most magnificent unit of time measurement, the world's famed Brahmacologist Carl Sagan writes in his book Cosmos, -

"The only Hindu religion in the world is such a religion which is devoted to the belief that the cycle of Brahmand creation and destruction is going on continuously. And this is the only religion in which the minutest measure of the time from the atom to the longest measure of Brahma day and night. It was calculated, which lasted for 8 billion and 64 million years and which surprisingly matches our modern calculations. "

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