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Moon Shining secrets in vedas

Moon Shining secrets in vedas

We all know about the moon, and its nature, The Moon is shine at night,
The science is exploring new things day by day, and the scientist competition between them. Who can study best result and theory?
Maybe, We thought the explore theory and result are incredibly new,
But about all approach and results are already explained in Vedas.

Now our point about Moon is shining the from sun' light.
I think everyone about that why does the moon Shine. If you don't know this is elementary science about the moon and sun.
The Moon shines because of the light of the sun.  The moon reflects moon orbit around the earth and sun's light. The Moon reflects only 3 to 12 percent of the sun's light.

But our topic isn't about the moon is shine from the sun. 
It is mention in  Vedas before science proves it. 
In eternal religion, The  Vedas prove many scientific facts before science knows about it. The Moon hasn't his light; instead, its reflect form sun.

In Vedas said

"अत्राह गोमन्वत नाम त्वष्टुरपिच्यम् |  इत्था चन्द्रमसो ग्रिहे ||" Rig veda 1|84|15, Artha veda 20|41|03 and Sam veda 05|03|09 (उत्तराचिर्क)

Meaning "Manishi are in spinning moon land, they realize there is sun's light, Moon is shining by sun's light."
Think its the best evidence to prove that Vedas already tell about Moon is shining from the sun, not by itself.

same like this 
The scientific basis with religion knowledge 

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