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These are 5 Good luck 'Yoga' of astrology

These are 5 Good luck 'Yoga' of astrology

Although many astrological totals of astrology have been counted, but the special 5 auspicious Mahayog who is believed to be - Hans Yoga, Shash Yoga, Malavya Yoga, Rukhaik Yoga and Bhadra Yoga

These are 5 Good luck 'Yoga' of astrology

People often search for auspicious yoga for doing any important work, so that any work started brings great advancement and happiness, but many times we do not have the information that there are some great omnipotent yoga, so who are you? ?

Today the Ved Sansar is going to tell you what is according to astrology 5 Mahasubha Yoga -

Hans Yoga

When Jupiter is in Cancer, Sagittarius or Pisces, then a Yoga called "Hans" is formed, in which a person is considered auspicious, scholar and wise.
It is said that names, achievements and honors are all easily received by such people without any effort.
Not only this, such people are very successful in politics, law and education.
However, such special people are always required to pay attention to some of their bad habits and they are bad habits - always going to account and improve ego.

Shash yoga

If Saturn is present in Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius, then a yash called "Shash" becomes.
It is said that this person is a ruler and a leader.
It is believed that in this yoga, people are accessed from the smallest place to the highest place.
Actually, the ability to work harder and time is amazing.
Keep in mind that people with this yoga should be protected from addiction and addiction, otherwise Yoga stops.

Malabya yoga

At the same time, if Venus is present in Pisces, Taurus or Libra, then Yoga is called "Malviya".
In this yoga, the person enjoys immense luxury and luxury.
At the same time, the person gets glamor, happiness prosperity, wealth and attraction too.
Explain that such people earn a lot of name in the field of film, media, art, beauty or medicine.
Keep in mind that people with this yoke should avoid a waste of luxury and money.

Ruchaka yoga

When a mercury of Mars, Aries or Scorpio is made in the zodiac sign, a yoga called "Interesting" is formed.
Remember that this yoga makes the person indomitable courageous and mighty.
Not only this, such people also get plenty of land property and power.
Significantly, such people usually earn a lot of name in the field of administration, army, police or surgery.
Keep in mind that a person with this yoga should control his anger and violence.

Bhadra yoga

On the other hand Mercury is present in the female or Gemini zodiac, then "Bhadra" is made.
In this special yoga, one becomes wealthy and very intelligent.
Not only this, a person can get a boon of beauty, speech, intelligence and cleverness in this yoga.
Not only this, people with good yoga are also found in the field of speech and in the field of expression.
People with this special significance are also found in higher positions in economic areas.
Let them know that these people should not even forget about misuse of their intelligence.

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