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The importance and benefits of greetings(Namaste)

The importance and benefits of greetings(Namaste)

The importance and benefits of greetings(Namaste)

Namaste Friends,

In our Hindu culture, when visiting our temple or meeting with a respected person, our hands are automatically added to the Namaste posture. Hello is a part of our culture, which has been linked to our lifestyle for centuries. Namaste shows your samskaras with respect. This expression means that almost all human beings have a divine consciousness and light in the heart which is located in the heart. But do you know that Namaste has its own importance and many health benefits too.

Strength in heart

The fibers of our hands are connected to the brain fibers. When you are doing salute, keeping or adding palms is activated in the heart and arc cycle, which increases consciousness and awakening brings joy to calmness and mind. At the same time your heart is strong and fearlessness increases.

Increase of blood circulation

Adding the hands increases the blood circulation of the body. The human body has both positive and negative expressions. But by adding the hand, Namaste means that the flow of energy is accompanied by the presence of both ions and there is greater inclusion of positivity in the body.

Humble person

Making a greetings(Namaste) is a psychological method by adding hands. You can not speak loud, do not get angry much and can not run by adding hands. This is a system that has a psychological pressure on you. By doing such a greetings(Namaste), the person becomes humble himself.

Exposed to love and affection

Only a few people know the scientific secret behind the greetings(Namaste). When greetings(Namaste), you attach both hands in front of your chest, where anahata chakra is established. This cycle exposes love and affection. This gives you the sense of affection for the other.

Work acupressure

When the tops of all fingers come in contact with each other and there is pressure on them. Due to acupressure, its direct impact occurs on our eyes, ears and mind, so that we can remember the person in front of us for a long time.

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