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The concept of taking an incarnation on God's earth and their science

Incarnation in eternal religion

The concept of taking an incarnation on God's earth and their science

God is eternal, eternal. In this world of vision, they appear according to their wishes and then they depart in their Dham. Their dham is amorphous and irrepressible. In them, Lord Prabhu, in various forms, performs the rituals and rituals with the councilors and the people in accordance with those forms. They are the eternal hymns of the eternal Lord. In the Shastras, the descriptions of principal dharmas are described. According to the eternal people, they are infinite devotees. They are numerous but they are also integral.

The nature of those infinite Lord is auspicious. Satta means - which never lacks 'nabavo vidya saat' There is no lack of truth, it is transient, meaning that it is continuous, so God is a Sadrup. Chit means the light that is illuminated with eternal light and is knowledgeful. And which is the ocean of fun, that is, it is full moon. The whole world is very happy with a particle of their joy. In this way, they are true-minded. In this form they are both formless and realistic.

Many people have doubts that those who are the ultimate elements are pessimistic, indispensable and formless, how can that be fulfilled and why it will be good? The answer is that God is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. They create the world only.

This world is a lilac of them. Who can create the world, can not he himself take hold of the body? Therefore, it is not unnatural to be omnipresent of the nirguna formless. That is why our texts and the sage-Maharishi say that poker, formless, Niranjan and Pure Chaitanya Brahman are voluntarily passed on this earth in the form of Saguna-Sakaar for the welfare and interest of the world.

However, the entire creation is the form of God, that is, God Himself expresses itself in the form of the world. Parabrahma Paramatma is complete consciousness, which is full of sixteen arts. The consciousness in all the beings of the world is expressed only by the art of God, as Ram and Krishna are full of God due to being filled with full arts.

All the creatures of creation are part of God, hence are indestructible, but because of the lesser of the art of God there is a difference in the power, ability and effect of these organisms.

In the whole world, indigestion, swadge, egg, pindaj and gerayugas - these five types of creatures, whose consciousness (power) is expressed through the arts of the divine. As the consciousness of these creatures evolves, it takes on these art of God.

The tree-planted vegetation produced from the land also has the ability to absorb the effects of diet, sleep and affection. But here is the development (expansion) of the Anaimala fund of consciousness only. They are inconspicuous (tree, vegetation etc.), an art of God.

Svedas (animals born from sweat like lice, fly etc.), in which there is also the development (expansion) of the pranamaya kiosa, that is, these are active organisms, they are composed of two arts of God. Similarly, ovals (animals that originate from eggs like birds, snake etc.) are comprised of three types of God, in which there is also the development (expansion) of the Manomayana kosha. These ovum creatures also have the choice of resolution.

Pindas (various types of animals) are made up of four arts of God. There is an enormous amount of science in these pundas. These animals have also been seen using intelligence.

Genetic creatures are only human, in which anandamaya kosha is also developed. Only man, with five arts, can express the feeling of his pleasure through humorous expressions and can experience the joy of the physical pleasures. It does not have this capability in living beings with low karmas or lower consciousness, they will either remain calm or express their bliss by the physical activities.

Humans are vaginal activity, in this vagina, the creature becomes part of the sin-virtue according to its auspicious deeds. He is proud of his own deeds (that is what I have done). After the fifth art, the areas where consciousness (development) of consciousness are, are those-spirit, intelligence and perception. The cure of these three arts remains in the human being. Therefore, there can be an expression or expansion of consciousness in five to eight types of human beings.

In the general human beings, those who are of low rank and consciousness develops only in five human beings in the wild. In fact, consciously civilized and sensitive man consists of six karnas. Sense is God's sixth art.

The typical talented human being in the society, rather than ordinary humans, is enlightened. They take any knowledge, science, and facts fast and when they meet them, they come to be unique and extraordinary. Their consciousness, in the field of 'Pradnya', also extends into the Seventh Arts of God.

With all these great men who have experienced God, they are composed of eight art of God. I will not take anyone's name but readers can guess such great men whose names are in history. Such great men rarely appear on this earth, but their meeting is not less than any good fortune.

The body can not be possessed by the body of God more than eight arts. In the same way, through the euphemism of eight arts, Divinity comes in the body. The development of nine arts in the consciousness of the Gods of the Gods (Goddesses) is hand.

The ninth art is of elementalism. These goddesses, with different powers, have absolute control over the world made from the root elements. In fact, these gods and goddesses are the powers that control the root elements of nature. Nine art can be developed only in the divine body.

Narasimha incarnation, incarnations of God, for specific actions on specific occasions, consists of ten or eleven arts. Such incarnations appear suddenly and disappear by fulfilling the work that has been revealed. Those incarnations are the incarnations of fishery, kurm, Varah, Nrusingh and other devotees to give Darshan to or give blessings to them.

These specific tasks are those tasks which are not meant to be met by someone else. God's tenth art is the 'time' (time) element and eleventh art is the 'importance'. Whereas God appears with his ten or eleven arts, there is no difference between the gross and the subtle world.

The laws of matter and energy do not even work on their body, so their size (of their body) can change as they change. Like Lord Vamana became Viraat. In their Divine bodies, Vastra Bharana, Ordnance etc. are also divine.

Here 'Divine' implies the elements on which the laws of cosmic matter and energy do not work. By changing the inevitable future, it is only for the immense and endless effects on the flow of time.

Upon eleven arts, the Lord appears as the full moon, which means that the Lord appears as the perfect embodiment of the twelfth art. Lord Shree Ram was born in full with the twelve arts. These twelfth art of God is their 'maya' (power).

This maya creates all the conditions in which God fulfills those specific actions for which they are born as their full-moon. All the people of that creation (in which God is born) consider various characters responsible for different incidents (during that period) during that time, whereas in the background, all the circumstances were designed by their power 'Maya'. Is there.

After the twelfth art, the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth arts of God, in fact, have three powers-will-will, knowledge power and verb. In the 'joy' form of the thirteenth art with the will, the fourteenth art is present in the form of 'jayya' with art of wisdom and in the form of 'Sachchidanand' with fifteen artistic verbs.

With God's sixteenth art, the incarnation is their embodiment. This sixteenth art itself is the great lord. It is one of the most amazing and rare events of the universe, which is almost impossible to interpret (at least, for the ignorant like me), to embrace God, who is omnipotent, with sixteen arts.

As Lord Krishna, God was born with his sixteen arts. When he appeared in human form, he embarked on this whole with his full leela. In every organism there is the same divine. As the soul gets enriched with higher arts, its consciousness develops. By wearing any art, it is meant to understand and assimilate it.

After holding the twelfth art, the soul enters into the indestructible dham of God, because by cutting off the bondage of this mukta jagat can only hold the twelfth art and can enter his indestructible dham. As per each art, the consciousness of the soul enters new dimensions and is progressively coming closer to the universal consciousness that is in the entire universe.

All these arts are the divine powers without which neither can be the root nor any function in the conscious world. It is compulsory to understand the secret of these art for motions in the gross, subtle and causal world.

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