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Parallel Universes in Eternal Religion

The great scientist Albert Einstein laid the foundations of today's modern cosmological sciences and scientists from Max Plank,parallel universe, Schrodinger, Paul Dirac (Paul Dirac), along with their abundance. Einstein's theory of relativity played the most important role in connecting modern science with spirituality. The time when Einstein told the world about the theory of relativity, the then scientists felt the difficulty in accepting that this universe, the universe does not just go on the principles of Newton's theory.

Einstein told in his theory of relativity that time and space is no different from each other. As time passes, it was confirmed by the experiments of Einstein's theory. At present, in Geneva, results of new experiments on the Large Hadron Collider machine are producing astounding figures.

big-hadron-collider But for the scientists, the most amazed thing is that the data conveyed to the scientists, these conclusions have been explained in a lot of detail in Hindu scriptures written thousands of years ago. In this article we are going to tell you about an incident in which the relationship between the time and place of the universe has been explained.

There is a very important description in Yogavashith. This phenomenon also highlights the lifespan of life, mysteries and life-style after death, so scholars consider it to be one of the most useful authors of Yogavashitha. The description is as follows:

At some point of time, the King of Padma was ruled by the name of the Aryavarda region. His devotional wife named Leela loved him a lot. Whenever she thinks of the death of her husband, she gets scared by the idea of ​​a disconnection. In the end, without looking for any remedy, he worshiped Bhagwati Saraswati and received this boon that if her husband dies before, then the intestine of the husband does not go out of the palace. Mother Saraswati also blessed that you will be able to meet your husband whenever you want. After a few days, Padma was died due to misfortune. Leela kept the body of her husband in the palace and took care of Bhagwati Saraswati. Saraswati attended and said- Bhadra! Do not sorrow, your husband is present here, but he is in the second creation (other people). To visit them, you should enter the body of the same creation (by mental meditation).

Leela concentrated her mind, remembered her husband, meditated her and entered the people in which the intercession of Padma was present. Leela went to the place and was amazed at what she saw in a few moments for a few moments. At that time, Emperor Padma was a Maharaja of 16 years of this Lok (i.e. this creation) and ruled in a broad area. Lila was very amazed to see that such a huge empire in her own room and 16 years have passed within one day. At that time Bhagwati Saraswati was with her. She explained that the daughter-

सर्गे सर्गे पृथग्रुपं सर्गान्तराण्यपि । तेष्पन्सन्तः स्थसर्गोधाः कदलीदल पीठवत्। योगवशिष्ठ 4।18।16।77

आकाशे परमाण्वन्तर्द्र व्यादेरगुकेअपि च । जीवाणुर्यत्र तत्रेदं जगद्वेत्ति निजं वपुः ॥ योगवशिष्ठ 3।443435

That is, "O Leela! Just as there is a layer of leaves coming out after each other in the stem of the banana, in the same way each creation order exists and thus the order of many creatures in one. In the same way in the world as dreams are present in every atom of consciousness in the world, so many types of creatures and their world exist within the infinite atoms of infinite matter in the universe ".

After confirming his statement, after showing a universe, he told Leela - Devi, you believe that your husband died at the age of 70 years (because this is also true in this birth and people), Earlier your husband was a Brahmin and you are his wife. In the Brahmin's cottage, his dead body still exists, let's show you. By saying this, Bhagwati took Saraswati Leela to another microcosm and Leela saw her husband's dead body there - she also remembered the memory of her life. And more than that, it was Lila who had understood the age of 70 years and all the events that took place during such a lifetime that the creation (where her husband was a Brahmin and she was his wife ) Was equal to 7 days.

sarasvati2 Leela also saw that his name was Arundhati at that time - one day a king's ride came out, after seeing him, he had the desire to take a principled pleasure. As a result of the same worldly desire, he received Leela's body and got the king Padma. At the same time, by the inspiration of Bhagwati Saraswati, the King Padma, who was in the second creation, the desire for state-of-the-heartedness as a Padma in the end times (according to the creation of it) arose, the desire for the preceding lilas at the same time was awakened. Inspired and consequently he also came in his express body and King Padam also rose after being admitted to his body and again for a few days he would enjoy state and eventually die again. Received while.

In this story, Maharshi Vashishtha is very interesting on the mysteries of life and the existence of consciousness in the universe and the existence of time and place in the eternal journey of life according to the eternal desires of the mind, the journey of man and the vagina. The conceivable light is highlighted. This story may seem like a fairy tale or magical lamp in reading, but it is the science that can help explain the whole universe.

parallel-universe There is a dual problem in front of today's modern scientists, first of all they have difficulty in accepting that ancient sages of Hinduism-Maharishi, time-space,

Universe, Parallel Universe, etc. were resolved (because all ancient beliefs of history and philosophy are in danger of disintegrating), and the other problem is that if they believe it too If that was so, then who will explain the knowledge of those ancient Sages-Maharishi, in their modern science language?

There is also the Yaxya Question here that the knowledge acquired by our own ancestors and we do not understand its importance.

Extension of non-discriminatory power is infinite. In comparison to the world of dimension, we are carrying out the activity of our daily lives. To understand what is beyond the world, we have to expand our own, then we will understand it.

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