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Best Five Simple Health Tips

Health like wealth. Until we lose, we do not know its real value. When we got health-related a big problem. Then we thought oh no I will care about my health. If we care about health before getting sick. Then we will not get sick. In the whole day what time you spend on the internet. Only one hour care about your fitness and health. then how your life is better. You can't imagine.

In this post, I will explain five health-related tips, which is very easy, and you can follow these tips easily. This tips result is best.

Best Five Simple Health Tips

1.Sleep on your left side

  • According to our stomach if we sleep in the right side stomach can release gastric juice and Digestion problem
  • Blood flow problem 
  • Heart Burn
And can burn many types of disease. When you sleep on your left side. This is good for Digestive system.

2.Water Drink Reminder

In our Busy Life, we forget to drink water, we drink some water when we get thirsty. It's terrible for our health. There is one mobile app whose name is water drink reminder.

Download Here

This app can solve your problem. Using this app, you can measure how much water you drink. And its app notifies you to drink water. In childhood, mom tells you now mobile app tells hihihi.

3. Walk More

According to the WHO (world health organization), we should walk 8000 (eight thousand)  step.

For good health. How many steps do you walk daily?
Many people don't know about this.
Lord Kelvin said, "If you can't measure it if you can't improve."
Then you should use the Fitness tracker.
Walk more you should use the ladder use of the lift.
Morning walk.

4.Chew your food 32 times

In Ayurveda, the main reason for disease is the stomach. If we health our stomach, then our body is also healthy. best two things for healthy for stomach

1. No junk food
2. Better Digestion

If you chew junk food 32 times, it's not testy but if you chew your organic food 32 times its become testier.
If you chew your food 32 times then its automatically no interest in junk food.

and the most important things is 50% digestion in our mouth left 50% in the stomach
if food swallow, the mouth can't digest food properly

5.Create a healthy environment

If your friends and family like junk food, laziness, etc.,
you may attract their life. Then you may be unhealthy food and many others
so you should try to make a healthy environment.


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