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Gemini Horoscope 2019

How will be the year 2019 for Gemini?
For the Gemini, 2019 is going to be normal. This will bring many benefits for students and job-seekers. There may be some good news for those who have a Gemini on the economic front. This year is going to prove golden for students. The people of this zodiac will also earn money and also consolidate it.


This year may be great for your career but for Gemini, you need to work hard. If you run away from work then this year will not give you much. You will have to resort to creative thinking for promotion in your field of work. Your promotion may be in April-May. Your Seniors will be pleased with you and appreciate your work. There is tremendous potential for income growth You will be heading for success but be careful during this time because due to progress you can lead to the feeling of ego which can spoil your work in the future.

Economic life

This year is going to be very beneficial for you financially. If you are a businessman, this year you will get money from your new tips. You will also be able to accumulate wealth. This year you may have to go away from home for business but it will prove beneficial for you. Yoga is also being made for foreign travel. Do not forget to give time to yourself because of earning money. You can also get a big gift this year. This will be from your company or institution.


This year is going to prove to be excellent for the students. You will get favorable results in the examinations. You will be able to meditate for success in studies. Teachers and classmates will help you in time to time. If you want to move towards higher education then select a reputed institution for this. This is essential for your future.

Love life

This year is going to be special for your love life. There will be many such occasions this year when you will spend very good moments with your partner. If you love someone, this year you would like to bond with him in marriage. The month of April will be special for your love affairs. If you are looking for love then this quest can be fulfilled in August. Things will become normal again in October At this time you may have sensual thoughts in your mind, although you have to control these thoughts. In the case of love, the house can express objections but do not need to panic later this relationship will be approved.


At the beginning of the year in January, you have to be careful about your health. Although this year is going to be good for your health. Skin-related problems can occur. Shingles, scars, acne, and rash can also spoil your skin. The month of December will not be suitable for your health. The problem of cold can become big, so be careful.


1. Regularly recite the Vishnu Sahastram scripture and worship Lord Vishnu. 2. Feed green fodder and green vegetables. Make a donation to any cow. 3. Offer green saris and green bangles to your sister, aunt or aunt on the day of Wednesday.

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