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Let's know, who are the parents of Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh

Let's know, who are the parents of Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh

Let's know, who are the parents of Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh

In relation to Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, there is confusion about the Hindu mindset. They consider him as the best and the self, but is this true? Is there no father of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh? It is written in the Vedas that one who is born or manifest cannot be God. God is unborn, hidden and formless. According to Shiva Purana, Brahma is the truth; that is the unvarnished God. At the time when there was darkness in the universe. There was no water, fire and no air, then that was the only thing which was said to be true in Shruti. Sati means Avinashi Parmatma. That indestructible parabrahma (period) manifested the desire of the second after a period of time. Within him, there is a resolution of being one from the other. Then that formless God imagined the shape with his Leela power, which is the idoless, the supreme Brahman. The Ultimate Brahman The ultimate letter is Brahma. That is Param Brahma Bhagwan Sadashiv. Early and ancient scholars call them God. Having lived alone, the Sadashiv, who volunteered all the way, created power from his Vigrah (body), which was never going to separate from his own Shi'ang. That Parashakti of Sadashiva has been described as the supreme nature, the quality of Maya, the mother of intellect and the disorderless.

That Shakti Ambika (not Parvati or Sati) has been said. He is also called Nature, Sarveshwari, Tridevajanini (mother of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh), Nitya and the root cause also. There are eight sides of that power manifested by Sadashiva. Parashakti Jagat Janani, she is endowed with various types of movements and holds many types of weaponry.

At that time Brahma Sadashiv, the era of time, built an area called 'Shiva' with power. That good field is called Kashi. That is the place of salvation. Here in the form of Shakti and Shiva ie timeless Brahma Sadashiv and Durga as husband and wife.

Kashyapuri in this captivating place had never been liberated from Shiva and Shiva by his proximity in the Holocaust. While making Raman in this Anandup forest, Shiva and Shiva were created to desire that another man should be created, on which we should bear Nirvana by placing the work of creation (family line etc.).

By such determination, Lord Shiva, with power, put nectar on his waist. Then a man appeared from there. Shiva addressed the man and said, 'Watts! Due to being widespread, your name 'Vishnu' will be famous. '

Thus Vishnu's mother and father are Kalarupa Sadashiva and Parashakti Durga.

According to Shiva Purana, Brahma says to his son Naradji that after creating Vishnu, Sadashiv and Shakti made me (Brahmajis) by their undying efforts and immediately put me in the navel lotus of Vishnu. Thus, as a son from the lotus, I was born Hiranyagarbha (Brahma).

I (Brahma) do not go to any other person except the Lotus, the father or father of his body. Where am I from, where have I come from, what is my work, whose son I am born, and who has created me at this time? In this way, I am in doubt.

Thus Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra have qualities in these three deities and have been considered as Sadashiva Gunas. Once there was a fight about supremacy in both Brahma and Vishnu, a pillar of time stood and stood up. Then both of them asked, 'What are the characteristics of the five duties, Lord, Lord?' Tell this to both of us. '

Then Jyothirlinga form tale said, "Son, both of you have received two acts, called austerity (birth) and status (observance). In the same way, Rudra and Maheshwar have received two other good deeds (destruction) and detestation (illegal) from me, but I can not find any other act named Grace (grace). Both Rudra and Maheshwar have not forgotten their actions, so I have given them their resemblance to them.

Says Sadashiv: 'These (Rudra and Mahesh) keep the vehicle just like me, they have the same garb as me and they have weapons as soon as they are. They are like me in the form, dress, vehicle, seat and act. '

Kalrupa Sadashiv says that I have preached my formatting mantra in the past, which is famous as Omkar because first of all, Omkar means 'manifested' from my mouth. Omkar is a reader, I am a reader and this mantra is my form and it is me. Everyday remembrance of Omkar is my constant remembrance. From the western face of Akrar, from the successive face of the face, from the south-facing face to the mud, the vertex of the predecessor and the middle of the mouth became the source of the sounds. It has expanded (Panchkula) Omkar containing 5 components.

Now there are 7 souls - Sadashiva with Brahma (God), Durga from Sadashiv. From Sadashiv-Durga, Vishnu, Brahma, Rudra, Maheshwar This proved that the birthrs of Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra and Mahesh were Kalrupa Sadashiv and Durga.

Deity published by Geetapesh Gorakhpur tells Narada in the first book of Bhagwat Purana that the same question you are asking is from my father Brahma, who has been the lord of the world from Goddhidev Srihari (Vishnu). Lakshmiji lives in the service of those Goddess Devdev (God of Devo). The well-liked ones with Kaustubh Mani, who have been conch shells, mats and chakras, and have four sides. They hold pamphlet. The sign of Shreevatsa remains on the thoracic spot.

Once upon seeing these Devdhdev performing austerities, Brahmaji asked him that God is the God of all two Gods. Are you sitting in the mausoleum while being the ruler of the entire world? Which God are you doing?

Upon listening to Brahmaji's plea, Lord Shriharri started telling them - Deities, demons and humans all know that you create, I follow and destroy Shankara (Rudra). But even then, the men of the Vedas prove that their qualifications for the formation, maintenance and destruction of the Vedas have been proved by their devotional power-goddess. Only by being under that power, I wake up at the time of sleeping on the bed of this Sheshnag and creating an opportunity to create it. I am always engaged in doing penance because it can never remain free from the rule of that power. If you ever get the opportunity then you get good fortune to spend time with Lakshmi. I have always fought with the demons and my ultimate duty is to calm the awkward body of the monks who fear the whole world. I am always under the same power and do the work of them. In my knowledge, Brahmaji is no other god than those Bhagwati Shakti.

Durgaji says in Devi Bhagavata Purana that the Goddess gives wisdom to the Himalayas and says that meditating one Sadashiva Brahma. Which is the ultimate light? That is the life and everybody's speech. That's the ultimate element. Take care of the same indestructible element. That Brahma is Omkar and it is situated in Brahmālok.

Even though being single, Maya power coincides with the coincidence. Goddess of that power was born as Lakshmi, Savitri and Parvati and she married Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Having three forms, he was left alone. Durga is the half-body of that Kalrup Sadashiv.

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