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The Sixth Sense

Five senses, along with the mind makes six senses. Each of the five senses need the help of mind to perceive their respective subjects like sound, touch,... शब्द-स्पर्श-रुप-रस-गन्ध। Seeing is possible only when eyes, plus mind, work combined. If wide open eyes, but the mind is visualizing something else- those eyes can't see, can't perceive the scene.

It is seen, that, when any of the senses, for instance the eyes, are in dormant condition, like in a blind person, the other senses like ears, extend beyond their normal hearing capacity. In a way, the capacity of one sense is delegated to others, and they take up its activities. He can SEE by hearing, touching and/or smelling.

MIND is not the part of our gross (physical) body(स्थूलशरीर) , rather, behind this body, we have a subtle body (सूक्ष्मशरीर), sometimes referred as 'astral body' esp. by western spiritualists and philososphers. Being subtle, it is far more powerful in many aspects, than our physical body and any other senses.
Our subtle body has all the required senses. When our five senses are dormant, during sleep, the activities of subtle-body can be seen vividly, in the form of DREAMS. Subtle body too is equipped with subtle eyes, subtle ears, etc, which are more powerful than our gross eyes and ears. That body performs activities which is beyond our normal capacity. When we move from dreaming state (स्वप्न अवस्था) to sound sleep state (सुषुप्ति अवस्था), just like gross body, our subtle body also goes dormant - thus, not even the dreams appear.

The Sixth Sense
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We are unaware of the power of our mind, often  being confused with MIND and BRAIN. Mind is not the Brain. Mind is suble in form, thus is a very powerful and sensitive than our five senses, but we're not used to use it: this Sixth Sense. Sometimes it is experienced by people in the form of आभाष, what generally people refer as 'I FELT THE VIBE'.

With certain process, the sixth sense can be activated, and we can move beyond to access what normal senses can't perceive. We can read those, what we call as 'vibe', the subtle vibrations of subject of mind: the thoughts and emotions, which has not yet emerged out, which has not been expressed. What we need first, is to calm down, silent our physical senses, let them rest, let the mind not be disturbed by the subjects of physical senses so that it can fully and freely concentrate on its own subtle subject and uncover its capacity.

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